A brand is more than pretty colors, logo and a font. It's what you say & do, who you are talking to and the manner in which you talk with them. It doesn't  matter if you are in Network Marketing, Coaching, Mentoring, Freelance or some other small business. YOU must have a brand that reflects you and therefore attracts the right audience to you so you can stop wasting time chasing after the wrong people.

But how do you figure all of this out?

Join me in the Brand YOU MasterClass.

This class brings loads of value, let me break it down so you know just what to expect!

About the instructor

Success Coach & Mentor

Jamie Lee

Hey hey!  Jamie Lee here and I am so excited you are joining this MasterClass! A Brand is SO important to your business. It's basically the heart and soul of your business. Plus having a brand makes your job a lot easier because you know who to talk to, what to say and who to avoid or not spend a lot of time on!Let's face it, time is money. Whether you are a blogger, a freelancer, own your own small business or are in network marketing, any time you can save time is very valuable. Don't you agree?Of course!Let me just say you are so GENIUS to pick up this course for your business! I've been in the Communications industry for a long time and in this course you are going to discover what it took me years to learn.I've worked with network marketers, solopreneurs, freelancers and businesses worldwide. Want more? Here are some more of my deets. Plus, join me on social media and other places around the web -- just CLICK HERE.

What to Expect

Attract Prospects

How to DRIVE people to reach out to YOU (this is how you establish your authority in ANY niche no matter how competitive it is). Trust me, I have helped network marketers, freelancers, soloprenuers, coaches and businesses grow their brands and grow their income.

Identify Prospects

Not only will you attract the right people to you. But, through creating your brand you will better identify your #1 prospects. Prospects who need & desire what you have to offer. You'll know which people you should pursue and who you may want to avoid.

Find Your Niche

The marketplace is a big place and through this course you'll begin to understand your place in it and how to use that to your advantage. 

Take Action

Warning! This course may spark lots of ideas and creativity for your business. So come prepared! Grab your laptop, journal, coffee - whatever you need - to stay focused and take notes for massive action!


Personally I can't stand those courses where it's a bunch of talk and no action. That is why this course has interactive homework. We also have a Facebook group for you to get your specific questions answered!

Save Money

This course means you are a genius! You are getting in one course what it took me years to discover! You're saving yourself SO much time and money!